Hi, I'm Jesus Godinho
I'm a web developer

Who Am I?

I'm a Junior Web Developer with passion for front and back end development.
I'm self taught and am working on improving my skills every day.

Skills Matrix


Hobbies & Experience

  • Creating YouTube tutorials - Python, HTML & CSS, PHP & SQL
  • Learning about new technologies and watching tech videos
  • ETC (Education Technology Community) - Inventory System using PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • AWS - Comic Relief Project - Best Solution Award
  • Regal College International - Technician and Teaching Assistant

YouTube Channel

Checkout my YouTube channel where I upload videos based on programming

Views : 600,000 + | Subscribers : 5000 +

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Discover some of my projects

What is this thing ?

An inventory system designed to actively track items being borrowed and returned

What can it do ?

  • User logins with different access levels
  • Track items as they are being borrwed or returned
  • User notifications on borrwed items and due dates
  • Inventory borrowal and return reports and more
  • Web Stack: HTML & CSS | PHP | MYSQL

    username: admin | password: admin

What is this thing ?

Restaurant Standard EPOS System used to carry out day to day tasks in busy restaurant environments

What can it do ?

  • User logins with different access levels
  • Store financial reports - Backoffice operation
  • Manage billing information and process discounts
  • Smart stock management features and more
  • Web Stack: HTML & CSS | JS | PHP | MYSQL

    passcode : 1234

Contact Me

I can help you design interactive and fast websites which will be perfect for whatever purpose they are used